Making Money Off of Your Opinion Online

Reviews have played an important role for very many years.  Whether it’s a review for a movie, TV show, book, video game, or any other product for that matter.  At one point, we’ve all taken a look at some sort of review online, and it’s influenced our decisions.  Although it may be subtle at times, they undoubtedly have untold power in just about any industry they’re writing in.

Most of the reviews we read online are from the everyday people that offer them up for free after they’ve experienced a movie or product.  Understandably, the don’t often bear a lot of weight with their readers.  They’re usually riddled with spelling errors and other such writing mistakes that further discredit their already nonexistent credibility.

Some websites even have a rating system for their reviewers to display blatantly their credibility based on the rating of their readers so that the things they’re reviewing get a fair opportunity.  Regardless of credibility, they’ve still brought valuable insight to many people including myself.  Continue reading Making Money Off of Your Opinion Online

Super Hero Movies Versus the Comic Book Fans

Very popular today in the movie theaters are those surrounding the popular comic book super heroes that many people grew up reading about.

Unimaginable as a child would be the dream of your favorite super heroes that were drawn on a piece of paper, to be embodied by a human being.  Years later after those children have grown up, they’ve become a reality on the big screen funded by millions of dollars.  Although, movie studios underestimated the high expectations of those comic book fans when they brought their super heroes to life.

They woke up an army of incredibly passionate fans, and with that massive amount of passion comes, even more, criticism over every little detail in their super hero films. Continue reading Super Hero Movies Versus the Comic Book Fans

Solid Journalism Versus Social Media, Can Both Exist?

Writing has been an informative tool for more years than anyone could honestly count.  Although we’ve changed mediums to write on, it’s still considered writing, and we’re still going to have it for countless years further.  It’s been used to tell stories of adventure, history of our civilization, educate our children, keep people up to date on current events, and more.  The written word has both started, fueled, and ended wars that practically shook the Earth.

Needless to say, such a tool can require a lot of responsibility to wield properly.  We have free speech, which allows us to write whatever we want, but it’s something that’s taught to be treated with care.  In fact, that’s why professional journalism has a lot more rules than people quite realize.  It’s what provides the industry with credibility, and keeps every newspaper article from sounding like some madman rambling nonsense. Continue reading Solid Journalism Versus Social Media, Can Both Exist?

The Latest Opportunities in This Century

The century we live in now is a very unique one to the new generation of human beings that are being raised.

Opportunities have never been more abundant to that new generation, than any generation previous.  There was a time where opportunity was a matter of your birth.  To be someone grand, you had to be born into some sort of noble, or the royal family.  Being the son of the blacksmith, or a person who ran the horse stables almost guaranteed you a similar position.

Years after that, it seemed to revolve widely around the amount of money you were born into.  Just the end of the last century, you could be great no matter who you were, but it required unimaginable effort.  Reading dozens of books that you had to seek physically out in various libraries, travel across the world to different universities, or job opportunities. 

If you were having trouble spelling a particular word or figuring out what it means, you had to drive to your local library and use their dictionary if you didn’t have one of your own.  The difficulties of just translating a foreign language alone without a hired translator must have been unbearable.

In the year 2016, you see children walking around with the ability to do it all with a small device in their pockets.  An adult could get roof repair from my friends Steve Weber at WCC Roofing & Restoration or look up a tutorial to do the roof repair yourself.   Continue reading The Latest Opportunities in This Century

Cutting the Cable

The television service industry was something that spread like wildfire throughout the world.  No one would argue that it’s still highly prevalent today, and still inside a massive percentage of homes.

It’s grown to the point that people find it standard to have multiple televisions in the house, and have access to well over a thousand channels on each one.  Twenty years ago people would have thought you were crazy if you told them how many channels they would have available to them soon.

Those companies that provide cable service provide your phone line connectivity and internet service as well.  Before, there were a large number of these companies, and you normally couldn’t get every single service from the same company.  After the Telecommunications Act of 1996 here in the United States, it gave those companies absurdly high tax savings, and inadvertently gave them the means to be the few powerful conglomerates they are today that no new business could fight. Continue reading Cutting the Cable

The New Age of Photography

Photography is a form of art out there that takes a still image of your life that the human eye is too quick to appreciate truly.

The opportunity to take photography on as a hobby has far surpassed the opportunity curious individuals had half a century ago.  Even so, it’s still considered a very expensive hobby for those who take it seriously.  Some spend up to ten thousand dollars on their equipment without making a fraction of that money back through their photography work.

If they’re having the time of their life like many other photographers, then who would I be to say it’s a waste of money?  After all, photography isn’t a very lucrative career, so there aren’t that many people who get into the industry purely for the sake of making money.  It’s an investment into your pursuit of happiness rather than an investment for the sake of making money. Continue reading The New Age of Photography

Doctor Who, The Show That’s Lived Over Fifty Years

The television industry can be critical and a challenge for many shows to have a long lasting life.  So the fact that there is still a television show on BBC that’s more than fifty years old is quite incredible.

A TV show that has lasted the test of time is known as Doctor Who.  It’s a sci-fi series that’s grown popularity absolutely everywhere the English language is understood.  In fact, they have a name for their fan-base, which is known as “Whovians.” Continue reading Doctor Who, The Show That’s Lived Over Fifty Years